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General ONI

Oni Galore WikiWiki for any information on ONIDate added: 2005/12/15
Oni Central ForumWhere all the good people go ;)Date added: 2008/11/16

"External" Projects

Binary Data Informationby SSG - refer to OniGalore for more up to date dataDate added: 2005/12/15
OniPlayerOniPlayer adds multiplayer to ONI by memhackingDate added: 2005/12/15
OniBreaker-Date added: 2005/12/15

Hosted fan sites (only those with web content)

EdT's siteMuch stuff for Mac usersDate added: 2007/04/26
Iritscen's PlaceDate added: 2009/10/17
Mod DepotDate added: 2009/10/17
Italian Oni pageDate added: 2011/03/31
neonewDate added: 2009/10/17
Script10k's siteDate added: 2005/12/15
SFeLi's siteDate added: 2009/10/17
typhen's labDate added: 2009/10/17
your_mom's siteDate added: 2009/10/17

Free ONI2.net hosting / eMail / SVN

Yeah, you read right: I offer free webhosting and eMail on ONI2.net for anything related to ONI.

Webhosting features:

eMail features: Limitations:

Oh, almost forgot: SVN. Anyone who needs (or just wants to have) an SVN-Account for hosting / managing a ONI-project can have one. And of course you (or the people you want) will be the only one(s) that have writing access to that SVN-directory. The projects directory would be something like http://svn.oni2.net/oup/.


Despite me checking the contents I don't take on any adhesion. Responsible for contents of the linked sites are only their operators.


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